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The Week in HD – Monday 13th October

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Blu-ray releases

Penny Dreadful - Blu-ray pick of the day

Penny Dreadful - Blu-ray pick of the day

Edge of Tomorrow Blu-ray

In this summer's surprise hit, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt play groundhog day while in the middle of a war with an invading alien race.

As they repeat each day (restarted when one dies), they learn from their mistakes and get one step closer to defeating the enemy.

Or do they?

Penny Dreadful Blu-ray

A slow-burning, visually sumptuous treat for fans of Victorian gothic literature, Penny Dreadful throws in some staple characters - Mina Murray from Dracula, Dr Victor Frankenstein and his creature(s), and Dorian Gray - with Timothy Dalton's Alain Quartermain-like Sir Malcolm Murray and Ethan Hawke's American marksman to solve the mystery of some horrific deaths that call upon Jack the Ripper and vampirism.

But it's Eva Green's prophetic Vanessa Ives who steals the show in all her gothic scenery-chewing glory. It's a role that plays to her strengths, and its her electric, enigmatic performance that drives the first series of this horror show.

Monday 13th October

Gotham - Pick of the Day, 9pm

Gotham - Pick of the Day, 9pm

Gotham Channel 5 HD, 9pm

A Batman show without Batman. As far as premises go, we rather like the idea of DC's Gotham. Instead of following the Caped Crusader's crime-fighting exploits, the show puts its spotlight on the early days of Gotham City and new-to-the-force Detective Jim Gordon.

With its gothic and noir background, Gotham has always been a rich, twisted backdrop for its colourful and insane villains (if there's one thing DC has over Marvel, is interesting villains), and the show is more hardboiled and pulp than shiny, forensic cop show. Robin Lord Taylor's performance as Oswald "Penguin" Cobblepot in particular steals the show.

It's a creaky start, but we can't wait for more.

The Walking Dead Fox HD, 9pm

No Sanctuary. It's the return of everyone's favourite zombie apocalypse show, and series five opens with no guarantee that your favourite character will survive.

Let's hope they all reach the Terminus intact and un-zombified.

2014 MotoGP Championship ITV 4 HD, 8pm

We catch up with the action at the Motegi circuit for the Japanese Grand Prix, where it's possible that Marc Marquez could clinch his second world title.

If he does, at just 21, he'll be the youngest ever back-to-back MotoGP champion ever. We'd hate him if he wasn't so darn likable.

Tuesday 14th October

Moon - Pick of the Day, 9pm

Moon - Pick of the Day, 9pm

Moon BBC Four HD, 9pm

Astronaut Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) nears the end of his three-year solitary lunar mission, but starts to have terrifyingly surreal hallucinations.

A stunning sci-fi drama directed by Duncan Jones with a haunting soundtrack by Clint Mansell, Moon is a must-see.

Human Universe BBC Two HD, 9pm

Professor Brian Cox asks the question that we've been pondering for the entirety of human history: why are we here?

Is human life just a series of chance events that occur within our world's laws of physics? But if it is, why and how does our universe have just the right ingredients to create us? As always, there's a fresh new theory on the age-old question.

Wednesday 15th October

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk WIth Me - Pick of the Day, 11pm

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk WIth Me - Pick of the Day, 11pm

The Apprentice BBC One HD, 9pm

The 10th series of The Apprentice has its premiere on Tuesday, but we're going to focus on the second episode, as the new candidates have to design and sell something relevant to our world: wearable technology.

The two ideas being touted are a hi-tech jacket, and a sweater with a built-in video camera. Can the teams find that perfect balance between fashion and cutting-edge technology to create a convincing product that doesn't get them fired? Probably not.

Sleepy Hollow Universal HD, 9pm

This Is War. Series two picks up from the previous finale's cliffhanger: Ichabod buried in a coffin by his son (who is also War, a.k.a. the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse), his wife Katrina kidnapped by the Headless Horseman (they have a history, it turns out), and Abbie is still stuck is Purgatory.

It's time to claw back out of Purgatory and deal with some unsettling revelations, as well as the usual mythical and supernatural creatures that blight the little town.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Syfy HD, 11pm

Fans of Twin Peaks, rejoice! For the cult show is getting revived as a limited third series on Showtime in 2016, with David Lynch and Mark Frost back on directing and writing duties.

If you haven't seen it yet, we'd recommend starting from series one before watching tonight's prequel film, which chronicles the last week of Lara Palmer's life before her disappearance kickstarts the show proper.

Thursday 16th October

Peaky Blinders - Pick of the Day, 9pm

Peaky Blinders - Pick of the Day, 9pm

Peaky Blinders BBC Two HD, 9pm

As Tommy plans to take over the southern racecourses, Campbell and Sabini join forces to plot his downfall. Will a partnership with Tom Hardy's Alfie Solomons help his chances in London?

Elsewhere, he meets with the aristocratic May Carleton (Charlotte Riley) to move up in the world.

Pacific Rim Sky Movies Showcase HD, 9pm

We make no bones about our love for this Guillermo del Toro film. Building giant robots to fight giant invading monsters? It's what blockbusters were made for.

But it's del Toro's talent for world and creature building, the stunning visual effects, the brilliant guitar-riff laden soundtrack and a supercool Idris Elba that make this film so much fun to watch. Over and over again.

Friday 17th October

Would I Lie To You? - Pick of the Day, 8.30pm

Would I Lie To You? - Pick of the Day, 8.30pm

Would I Lie To You? BBC One HD, 8.30pm

Greg Davies steps in for Lee Mack this week, and he and David Mitchell are joined by Pointless's Richard Osman, Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson from Sherlock), Gareth Malone, and Phil Jupitus for another round of hilarious anecdotes that may or may not be true.

Have I Got News For You BBC One HD, 9pm

Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are joined by Sara Pascoe and Nick Robinson on the panels, while Frank Skinner is the host tonight.

QI BBC Two HD, 10pm

Literature. Discussing many interesting bits of facts about literature and language are Victoria Coren Mitchell, Jack Whitehall and Lloyd Langford (we suspect they've been waiting for years to invite him to the 12th series).

Saturday 18th October

Doctor Who - Pick of the Day, 8.25pm

Doctor Who - Pick of the Day, 8.25pm

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur BT Sport 1 HD, 12.45pm

Barclays Premier League

Doctor Who BBC One HD, 8.25pm

Flatline. Clara Oswald once again takes centre stage in tonight's quirky horror episode, as Jenna Coleman's performance keeps going from strength to strength in series eight.

After the Doctor and Tardis get zapped by a miniature ray, Clara has to carry mini-Doctor and mini-Tardis in her handbag while trying to fight an enemy that exists beyond human perception.

Sunday 19th October

Serenity - Pick of the Day, 10pm

Serenity - Pick of the Day, 10pm

Queens Park Rangers v Liverpool Sky Sports 1 HD, 1.30pm

Barclays Premier League

Serenity Syfy HD, 10pm

Firefly may have been cruelly cancelled after one series, but at least we, the fans, got a big shiny movie about our favourite troupe of space cowboys in the end.

Joss Whedon tries to tie up a few loose ends in his own special way (read: pain amidst laughter), but also injects so many new mysteries into the narrative that we're still bemoaning the fact we'll never get answers to River, the 'two-by-two/hands-of-blue' men, who Shepherd Book really was, will Mal and Inara ever get together and why oh why Wash... We'll stop there.

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