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The Week in HD - Tuesday 8th October

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Week in HD – our guide to all the must-see high-definition TV shows, films, sports and Blu-ray releases to grace your screens over the next seven days. You can also get daily updates on what's on by following our twitter feed @TodayinHD.

Much Ado About Nothing - Blu-ray

The briefest summary of this small-production, black and white film would be: Joss Whedon does Shakespeare, with friends.

In between his increasingly hectic schedule of filming the world's biggest blockbuster film The Avengers and pitching the spin-off TV show Agents of SHIELD, geek god Whedon found time to shoot a brilliant, inventive and utterly charming adaptation of Shakespeare's play. Shot in twelve days in his own home in Santa Monica, California, the film is filled with familiar faces from Whedon's other projectos (Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof from Angel/Buffy, Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher from Firefly, Fran Kranz from Dollhouse, Agent Coulson, er, Clark Gregg from The Avengers). A refreshing, contemporary update to one of Shakespeare's most comedic and romantic of plays.

Young Frankenstein - Blu-ray

Hilarious, clever and enduringly entertaining, this 1974 film by Mel Brooks is an affectionate parody on the classic horror film genre, with the 1930s Frankenstein as its main target. Gene Wilder stars as a descendant of Dr Frankenstein who inherits a property in Transylvania, where he reanimates the creature, played brilliantly by the late Peter Boyle. But it's Marty Feldman's Igor (pronouned 'eye-gore') that steals the show. A must-have for your film collection.

Tuesday 8th October

The Great British Bake Off BBC Two HD, 8pm

It's the quarter final for this year's Bake Off, and the five remaining bakers have to deal with unusual desserts and unconventional flours. How unconventional? Think rye, spelt, potato and tapioca for their signature loaf. A fragile, layered meringue dessert called the dacquoise involves coffee custard and hazelnut praline - surely their most formidable technical challenge yet. And for the showstopper, the bakers must create novelty vegetarian cakes - that must be dairy-free. I predict tears.

Wednesday 9th October

Argo Sky Movies Premier HD, 8pm

Before he incurred the wrath of comic fans everywhere by being cast as the next Batman, Ben Affleck rose to critical acclaim with the spellbinding and sharply-written Argo. The film is based on the true story of a CIA agent tasked with safely extracting six Americans from a revolutionary Iran, by posing as a Hollywood film crew.

Thursday 10th October

Peaky Blinders BBC Two HD, 9pm

The suspense is high in this penultimate episode of Peaky Blinders, with Campbell getting ever closer to the stolen guns, while an IRA chief comes to Small Heath looking to avenge his murdered cousin. Meanwhile, Grace has to decide where her loyalties lie with the Chief Inspector or with Thomas Shelby.

Plunkett and Macleane ITV 4 HD, 9pm

Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle join forces in the 1740s to become gentlemen highwaymen and rob aristocrats of jewels and gold. Also stars Liv Tyler and Alan Cumming. Over-the-top costumes, silly plot and plain simple fun - a late-90s guilty pleasure.

Sleepy Hollow Universal, 10pm

A TV show based on Washington Irving's gothic story of a headless horseman? That same story which was the main plot of Tim Burton's film of the same name? Wait - before you bow out of this one - this one might surprise you. In this modern day re-telling (that's what Fox is calling it), Ichabod Crane and the headless horsemen find themselves resurrected in the current century after their respective deaths. Crane teams up with Nicole Beharie's Lt Abbie Mills, and so forms an odd couple partnership that evokes a Holmes/Watson chemistry that's the heart of this show. It's witty, refreshing and has some genuinely spooky moments, but the best parts involve Crane (played by Tom Mison) being introduced to every day modern things, such as donuts.

Friday 11th October

England v Montenegro ITV HD, 7.30pm

World Cup 2014 Qualifier

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Channel 4 HD, 8pm

The Asset. It's Skye's first day as a full member of S.H.I.E.L.D., and amidst training sessions with Agent Ward, there's a kidnapped scientist to rescue and an invisible man to deal with.

Have I Got News For You BBC One HD, 9pm

Pointless's Richard Osman is on guest-hosting duties tonight, while Dan Snow and Mark Steel join Ian Hislop and Paul Merton for a satirical look at the week's news.

QI BBC Two HD, 10pm

Killers. Sandi Toksvig, Trevor Noah, Jason Manford and Alan Davies join Stephen Fry to talk about killers. We're going to assume, this being QI, that bees and whales and various other strange animals will feature alongside notorious human killers.

The Graham Norton Show BBC One HD, 10.35pm

A new series means new guests! Harrison Ford is on the couch for new sci-fi film Ender's Game, while Benedict Cumberbatch's turn as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate is already drawing controversy. They're joined by Jack Whitehall and James Blunt.

Saturday 12th October

The Jonathan Ross Show ITV HD, 10.15pm

Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks join Ross on the couch to talk about their starring roles in the buzz-creating Alfonso Cuaron space drama Gravity - could this be the sci-fi film to finally win an Oscar?

Sunday 13th October

Formula 1: The Japanese Grand Prix BBC One HD, 6am

We head to the legendary Suzuka racing circuit in Japan, where recent winners have included...Sebastian Vettel. Three times in the last five years. Oh, and it's his favourite circuit on the calendar.

MotoGP: Sepang Grand Prix BBC Two HD, 8.25am

The first of three back-to-back races sees the championship head to Malaysia, where Lorenzo will be desperate to close the gap on Marquez's lead.

By Any Means BBC One HD, 9pm

The not-so-legal team hunt down a middle-aged couple who has been embezzling millions of pounds from charity, but they end up taking desperate measures that might just get them caught by the real police. It's usually so lighthearted.

'Til next week…

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