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The Week in HD - Monday 2nd September

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Week in HD – our guide to all the must-see high-definition TV shows, films, sports and Blu-ray releases to grace your screens over the next seven days. You can also get daily updates on what's on by following our twitter feed @TodayinHD.

Here's our pick of the week:

Monday 2nd September

Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray

We start the week off with the release of Hollywood blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness.

Despite a mixed reaction to the film from fans and the not-so-clever (or relevant) title, Into Darkness is still a fun, engaging romp as Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan Noonien Singh (we can say that now, right?) takes on the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Blu-ray

Into its seventh season (seventh!), the comedy that started off as a bit nerdy is now fully mainstream and shows no signs of stopping.

The sixth season sees the characters only progress ever so slightly, but the laugh quotient is still pretty high.

The Newsroom Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers. Season two of the American drama set in a… newsroom. The first episode improves on last season, beginning with the employees of ACN (Atlantic Cable News) coming under scrutiny from a group of lawyers investigating a case.

Tuesday 3rd September

Man V. Food Food HD, 7pm

Colombus. Adam Richman can eat more food in a hour than you can in a week. Its another episode of Man V. Food as Richman heads to Colombus and takes on the challenge of eating a two-and-a-half pound Dagwood sandwich. If you have the stomach for it, this is well worth a watch.

Awake Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

Nightswimming. A sorely underrated show. If you haven't seen Awake its premise is this: when a car accident robs police detective Michael Britten (Jason Issacs) of the life of a family member, he finds himself in two separate realities, one where his son is alive and another where his wife is alive.

This episode follows Michael getting ready to leave for Oregon in one reality while in the other he has to convince an accountant marked for death by the mob to go into witness protection. Confused? That's probably our fault.

Wednesday 4th September

The Culture Show BBC Two, 10pm

YouTube - The Future of TV? This Episode of the Culture Show features investigative journalist Jacques Peretti taking a look at how YouTube has revolutionised the way we watch content. With YouTube expanding at a rapid pace, Peretti looks at how this new digital future affects television as we know it.

Thursday 5th September

Celebrity Masterchef BBC One, 9pm

Episode 17. Another week, another edition of Celebrity Masterchef. This episode is the penultimate one which sees the remaining celebrities try to replicate one of judge John Torode's own dishes, the "Rabbit Three Ways".

It only gets harder after that, as the three finalists then have to make a dish that impresses four Michelin-starred chefs. Yikes.

Martin Luther King and the March on Washington BBC Two HD, 11:20pm

This documentary commemorates the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington for jobs and freedom., one of the most significant acts in the civil rights era.

Friday 6th September

World Cup Qualifying Live: England v Moldova ITV HD, 7:30pm

With qualification for the 2014 World Cup still not assured, this match against Moldova is a must win for Roy Hodgson and his team if they are to stand any chance of automatically qualifying for the tournament in Brazil next year.

Independence Day Sky Action HD, 6:30pm

White House Down, the new blockbuster from Roland Emmerich is out on Friday and what better way of celebrating the release than watching Indepence Day? Also known as the film in which the White House gets blown up.

Straight afterwards is another Emmerich epic, The Day After Tomorrow in which, you guessed it, the White House gets destroyed again. Some would call this fixation with blowing-up the POTUS' home unhealthy.

Saturday 7th September

The Dark Knight Rises Sky Action HD, 9pm

Overrated or a fitting end to a grand trilogy? We can't help but think the latter as Christian Bale's Batman/Bruce Wayne goes up against Tom Hardy's beefcake Bane.

A trilogy that became bigger with each instalment, Rises sees the whole city come under threat as Bane takes Gotham hostage. Epic and well done Hollywood entertainment, an all-too-rare combination.

The Master Sky Premiere HD, 9:45pm

At times a peak into a troubled soul, at others an absolutely confounding film, Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master is certainly divisive.

Supposedly based on Scientology, The Master has great performances from Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman. But when it gets to the end, you do wonder what the point was...

Sunday 8th September

Formula 1: The Italian Grand Prix BBC One HD, 12:10pm

One of the fastest circuits of the year, Monza sees Sebastian Vettel leading the chart with a seemingly unassailable number of points. Still, it's Ferrari's home Grand Prix which means you can't rule out Fernando Alonso.

The Notebook Sky Drama Romance HD, 8pm

About Time, out this week, is another Brit-rom-com from Richard Curtis and features Rachel McAdams, who has starred in her fair share of romantic films.

One of her best performances is probably from The Notebook, starring alongside a young-looking Ryan Gosling who – in predictable fashion – is separated from her, his true love. Hankies at the ready...

'Til next week…

by Kobina Monney

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