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Wednesday Wrap: "World's thinnest" Bluetooth speaker, Spotify update, Netflix in Europe

And it's with that super slim speaker that we being things this week [21st January], with 4Cabling introducing the T1 Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Speaker – measuring 12 x 100 x 55mm. Yep, millimetres.

The T1 is said to use the latest Bluetooth technology to stream your tunes, while a SD card slot is on hand if you want to play tunes straight from the device itself. It's available online for AU$25. We're not prepared to vouch for the sound quality...

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Spotify updates Windows Phone app

Windows Phone users are now able to enjoy Spotify in a whole new (darker) light. The music streaming service has unveiled its new look for Windows Phone, as previously seen on other versions, complete with a couple of new features.

So if you use the desktop version of Spotify it should look familiar – the darker theme first appeared last year. The Browse feature has also been updated.

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Vince Cable calls for "online single market"

If you're a Netflix subscriber here in the UK, you may be aware that if you're abroad you can no longer access the same content.

Streaming content varies across Europe meaning you can't always find the same titles. And that's something the UK government is looking to change.

Business secretary Vince Cable has called for the creation of an "online single market" that sees European countries fall into line and offer the same content – at home and on holiday.

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Netflix in your hotel room?

Let's keep visualising being on holiday (it makes us forget the cold weather) with the news that the Marriott hotel chain is working on a new TV service for its rooms that'll let you access your own Netflix account.

Pandora and Hulu are other providers that could be integrated into the service that Bloomberg is describing as a "test" right now - a test that's said to being underway at eight Marriott hotels.

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Crave launches tablet for hotels

And still on the holiday vibe (it really is cold out there) with the news that Crave Interactive has announced that it has developed the "world's first" tablet designed specifically for use in hotel rooms. No giggling at the back.

The £200 10in tablet has a quad-core processor and a HD IPS 1280 x 800 display, though you'll not find a camera or HDMI connection. Software and guest data is refreshed for each new guest that uses the tablet.

According to the company, the Crave Tablet will let hospitality providers do away with items such as paper directories, marketing materials and more.

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Pioneer unveils XDJ-RX all-in-one DJ console

Pioneer has announced the launch of the XDJ-RX all-in-one DJ console in the US, which boasts two digital music players, a mixer and a built-in monitor. It's set to cost $1800 when it goes on sale.

The system is designed for users of Pioneer's rekordbox music management software and will let DJs play music stored direct from a USB device.

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Thor's 4K Image Enhancing HDMI cable

Thor has taken the wraps off its new 4K Image Enhancing HDMI cable, which it is claiming to be "something very special" in that it "unarguably does make a difference to picture performance".

The Thor 4K is billed as a video processor/scaler packaged inside an HDMI cable, with its image-enhancing capabilities drawn from an integrated USB cable that connects to compatible TVs.

It analyses the video signal before adjusting the definition, sharpening edges and reducing any noise before sending onto the TV itself. It's now available from Richer Sounds for £60.

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