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If 2015 was all about the vinyl revival, 2016 looks set to be the year that the turntable takes centre stage.

Vestax, best known for its DJ turntables, looks set to be resurrected in 2016, with the company's founder promising a new range of products, including a turntable, mixer and amplifiers.

A blog post by Vestax founder, Hidesato Shiino, spotted by DJ Tech Tools, reveals he has "decided to release and sell the first of a range of [Vestax] products from March 2016".

The first product will be a DJ mixer, followed by "a range of new acoustic products such as a power amplifier, signal devices, turntable, SP system, and pre-amplifiers". 

But if you're hoping for a Technics-style revival, you may be disappointed. Shiino says, "I plan to produce limited quantities (10-20 per month) for direct sale to end-users." 

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In the 1990s and '00s, the company's PDX-2000 turntable went head-to-head with the recently rejuvenated Technics SL-1210, the PDX range being priced in direct competition while offering extra features. Technics largely remained the industry standard, however, before the advent of CD turntables and digital DJ set-ups.

Now the brand looks set to make a comeback of sorts, following in the heels of Panasonic's revival of the Technics brand, and a number of new turntables at CES.

Not convinced by the new vinyl obsession? You could always get yourself a new portable CD or cassette tape player... 

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