US NEWS: Rotel launches complete new range at CEDIA Expo

Rotel 15 series

The '15' Series includes two new receivers, a preamp/processor, four conventional power amplifiers and three more power amps designed for custom installation.

The flagship receiver is the 7.1-channel RSX-1560, with 7x100W of class D power, assignable channels for biamp or second-zone use, four HDMI v1.3 inputs, 1080p/24Hz Faroudja video processing, assignable 12V triggers and RS-232C serial connectivity.

The second A/V receiver, the RSX-1550, is a 7.1-channel design with 5x100W of onboard class A/B power and again flexible power amp-assignability.

The RSP-1570 is essentially the RSX-1560 minus the power amplification, and is desigend to be used with the company's range of existing and new power amps. There are no fewer than seven new power amps, all but one using Class D amplification.

The RMB-1575 offers 5x250W, and the RMB-1565 5x100W, while there are matching two-channel versions, the RB-1572 and RB-1562 - all are compact thanks to their Class D design.

The RMB-1512 is a 12x100W custom installation amplifier, the RB-1510 an ultra-slim stereo amp, and the RMB-1506 a 6x60W amp, the only one in the range to use a conventional power supply and Class A/B operation.

Details of UK availability are yet to be announced, but the new Rotels go into US shops over the next three months.