The first pricing for the Sony A95L QD-OLED has been revealed – and it's cheaper than last year's five-star A95K

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Sony has announced the US pricing for its new A95L TV and, despite it boasting a second-generation QD-OLED panel, it’s actually less expensive than the A95K was when it launched last year.

We reviewed the A95K and were impressed, giving it five stars. We noted the bright highlights and excellent sound, and while we will need to get the new model into our test labs before delivering a final verdict, it looked very impressive when we saw it in action at Sony’s TV launch event earlier this year. You can read all about that in our Sony A95L hands-on.

Preorders for the Sony A95L will begin on 21st August for US buyers, with pricing as follows: $2800 for the 55-inch model, $3500 for 65 inches, and $5000 for the 77-inch monster. Pricing and pre-order information for other regions is yet to be announced, but we have requested that info from Sony and will report back as and when.

Last year’s A95K launched at £2699 / $3000 for the 55-inch model and £3499 / $4000 for 65 inches (there was no 77-inch version), which means the A95L is $200 and $500 cheaper than its predecessor in those respective sizes. We’re obviously hoping that the UK will be similarly blessed.

The A95L’s second-generation QD-OLED panel is expected to be brighter and more efficient than the A95K. It also features a new Pentonic 1000 chip that adds some extra gaming features, including support for Dolby Vision gaming at 4K/120Hz, but alas it still has just two HDMI 2.1 sockets.

OLED has become the standard for premium TVs thanks to its perfect blacks, excellent contrast control, and near-perfect viewing angles. QD-OLED, which arrived in 2022, is designed to fare better when it comes to peak brightness and bright colour saturation, which are seen by some as areas of slight weakness for traditional OLED TVs. Having said that, makers of these traditional OLED TVs now have brightness-boosting MLA technology at their disposal, so QD-OLED is far from the only super-bright OLED tech in town.


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