Tesco MC-907
A £16 micro system from Tesco has been voted by shoppers as Britain's best sound system

We don't believe everything we read in The Daily Mail, but we couldn't ignore this story on The Mail's website this morning.

According to the Mail Online, shoppers have voted a Tesco Value MC-907 micro system costing £16.49 as "Britain's best-loved hi-fi".

Apparently reviews from thousands of shoppers gave it a higher score than more upmarket models from big-name brands costing hundreds of pounds.

The Tesco MC-907 (pictured) was voted top hi-fi in the Reevoo Customer Choice Awards 2009, after receiving an average rating of 9.3 out of ten by those who bought it.

In the same Awards, the JVC EK-A10, costing £663, scored eight out of 10, while a £750 Sony micro scored 8.6.

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Your £16 buys you a CD player and AM/FM radio with stereo speakers.

Right, looks like we'd better pop down to Tesco then. A sub-£20 micro system Supertest anyone?