TCI's King Constrictor II cable crushes mains noise for better performance

tci kcII

Aimed at high-end systems and selling for £250 for a 1m length, it's based on the technology of the company's flagship Boa Constrictor cable, and uses a total of 16 silver-plated copper conductors.

It's of a split-braid twin-earth construction, and is said to filter out noise from the mains supply, and reduce incoming and outgoing radiated noise. The results, TCI says, include "more detail, bigger soundstage, better dynamics and a deeper and fuller bass.

"Because of the quieter noise floor, low level detail is also improved, as is the portrayal of microdynamics. Visual displays can also benefit."

The cable is terminated with a rhodium-plated 13A plug and IEC connector, and the cable comes in lengths from 1m to 2.5m.