Spotify ‘Only You’ and ‘Blend’ features now live

Spotify ‘Only You’ and ‘Blend’ features now live
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Building on the success of its yearly ‘Wrapped’ feature, which gives subscribers a visualisation of their listening data, Spotify has launched ‘Only You’  - an in-app experience with listening statistics and personalised playlists.

‘Only You’ includes information such as ‘Your artist pairs’, highlighting a user’s diverse tastes; ‘Your Song Year’, showing favoured musical time periods and ‘Your Time of Day,’ which hones in on the artists are preferred at particular times of the day.

As well as individual stats, ‘Only You’ has some quirkier personalisation features including ‘Your dream dinner party,’  which prompts users to pick three artists they’d invite to a dinner party with Spotify then creating a mix for each artist. There’s also 'Your Audio Birth Chart,’ showing users their ‘Sun artist’ (the person they listened to the most over the past six months), their 'Moon artist' (the artist that shows off their emotional side), and their 'Rising artist' (a recent discovery). Both the 'Audio Birth Chart' and 'Dream Dinner Party' playlist will update daily.

While this kind of individual curation is the type of thing that we already expect from Spotify, by letting users share their statistics the streaming service could help bolster waning subscription numbers as the rate of new sign-ups slows with the end of the lockdown entertainment boom. According to Bloomberg, during the 2020 'Wrapped' season Spotify’s stock rose by 16 per cent, so it stands to reason the company would hope to replicate some of that buzz year-round.

To try ‘Only You’, head to or open the app where the experience will autoplay.

Alongside ‘Only You’, Spotify is also rolling out a feature called 'Blend', which lets two people merge their musical tastes into one shared playlist that gets updated daily.

To use ‘Blend’, just select ‘Create Blend’ in the ‘Made For You’ hub and then tap 'Invite' to generate an invitation that can be shared with another user with any tier of Spotify subscription. 

'Blend' is currently in beta and only available on iOS and Android mobile.


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