Sony announces pricing for its cheapest 2018 OLED TVs

If you didn't already know, Sony's A1 OLED series, launched in 2017, continues as the brand’s flagship range for 2018, but the company has also introduced a second, more affordable range for this year, the AF8.

The Sony AF8 OLED TVs come in two sizes – 55in and 65in – and they now have price tags attached.

The Sony KD-55AF8 and KD-65AF8 are priced £2,499 and £3,299, respectively. This means they're similar to those A1 models (£2500 for the KD-55A1 and £3800 for the KD-65A1), which isn’t hugely surprising when you consider what they have in common.

The AF8 and A1 models share the same OLED panel and 4K HDR X1 Extreme processor; all support HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision; and feature Sony's Acoustic Surface technology, where actuators placed behind the glass screen vibrate the panel to make sound.

The only difference lies in design. While the A1 models have a "standless" easel-like design with a tilted screen, the AF8 models bear a more conventional rectangular stand, sitting the screen upright.

Considering the KD-65A1 took home a What Hi-Fi? Award last year, that bodes well for the new AF8 models - as does their pricing compared to rival 2018 OLED TVs.

They’re cheaper than Samsung’s 65in QE65Q9FN (£3800) and 55in QE55Q9FN (£3000) QLED TVs, which sit below the brand’s yet-to-be-launched flagship Q9SN range.

However, they’re roughly on par with Samsung’s Q8CN curved QLED range, and pricier than its entry-level Q7FN QLED TVs, which start at £2000 for the 55in model.

While we don’t know the prices for LG’s entry-level B8 range of OLED sets, it looks like the 55in C8 (55OLEDC8) and 65in C8 (65OLEDC8) will be £3000 and £4500 respectively.

How they’ll compare to the yet-to-be-announced prices of Panasonic’s and Philip’s OLED ranges, remains to be seen.

Pre-orders for the Bravia OLED AF8 series have started with deliveries and in-store availability from the end of the month.


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