Sonos is the latest company to blame the fall in the pound against the dollar for its decision to raise its prices in the UK.

Whatever the pros and cons of Brexit, one thing is undeniable: the drop in the pound against the US dollar has led many companies, which tend to pay for goods in dollars, to raise their prices in the UK to offset the drop in the exchange rate.

So, from 23rd February, if you want to buy any Sonos product you'll have to pay more. In a statement on its website Sonos says: “Our prices are defined regionally. In the UK, this includes local taxation and import duties, but we pay for everything we make in US dollars.

“Over recent months, there has been a significant change on the US dollar to GBP exchange rate. As a result, our existing pricing has become unsustainable and, like many other companies, we have to increase prices for all products priced in GBP.”


Sonos Play:5 goes up from £429 to £499

How much more will Sonos products cost? Here are the details:

Sonos Play:1 £199 (was £169)

Sonos Play:3 £299 (was £259)

Sonos Play:5 £499 (was £429)

Sonos Playbar £699 (was £599)

Sonos Sub £699 (was £599)

Connect £349 (was £279)

Connect:Amp £499 (was £399)

Sonos is not alone in raising its prices: Apple has announced it will increase the cost of apps in the App Store and has already introduced significant price rises on its hardware.

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Can SONOS please explain why

Can SONOS please explain why the impact of the £ is different for difference products?

Play 1 = 15%

Play 3 = 13%

Play 5, Playbar and Sub = 14%

Connect and Connect:Amp = 20%

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The new prices are just 1:1 pounds to dollars on the US price

Which isn't unreasonable, given the official exchange rate is 1.25 usd to the pound, but the US price doesn't incorporate sales tax.

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Most likely they'll use this

Most likely they'll use this as excuse to make additional money from us consumers. No doubt they'll have some PR bs that's say they haven't passed the full cost of the drop on!

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...but last time I checked Sonos was a business as opposed to being a charity.

I'm with you though; we should get EVERYTHING for free.