Sky has announced a number of price rises for its TV bundles, which will come in to effect from 1st June.

Five of Sky's six TV bundles will go up in price, with Sky suggesting the average bill will increase by "less than £3 per month".

Sky's Original bundle, which includes 35 entertainment channels, Sky Atlantic and Sky Sports News, will remain the same price (£21) but all the other packages, including the Sky Sports and Sky Movies packages will increase in cost.

The price rises come after Sky paid a record £4.2 billion to show 126 Premier League football matches a season from 2016 to 2019.

Sky says the changes "reflect [Sky's] continued investment in more of the best content from around the world", which includes HBO content such as Game of Thrones, UK commissioned shows such as Fortitude and Penny Dreadful, plus films and live sports. 

The Sky Movies bundle will go up 50p/month to £17/month, Sky Sports will increase by £1 to £25.50/month, while the Sky Movies + Sky Sports bundle will be £34.50/month, up £1.50.

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The Variety bundle goes up £2 to £30/month, while the Family bundle jumps £3 to £36/month.

The new prices come in to effect from the 1st June.

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When Sky was introduced, Mr Murdoch did not charge for anything apart from £10/month for movies. He also claimed he would never charge for Sky 1, and stated there would be enough revenues from the advertising stream.

You are still able to subscride to NowTV for £10, and get all the same movies and more!