Sky promotes 3D service with 3D ad for Avatar screenings

The teaser commercial will feature before all showings of James Cameron's 3D blockbuster Avatar, which hits cinemas nationwide today.

Sky has also created a public demonstration of its 3D TV content at the O2 and plans to provide a permanent demonstration at Sky's flagship retail store at London's Westfield shopping centre.

Avatar was chosen as digital cinema is the only media currently capable of delivering a high quality 3D TV experience to mass audiences.

Released in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D formats, the film has been hailed as a breakthrough in cinematographic technology – click here to read our thoughts.

Hilary Perchard, Sky's Director of Product Management, said: “As we move towards the launch of the UK's first 3D TV services, these are our first steps in widening public awareness of the service and providing a ‘seeing is believing' experience.

Sky has announced its intention to launch the 3D service in 2010. The service will offer a broad selection of the 3D programming, expected to include movies, arts, entertainment and sport (and Gladiators, apparently).

The service will be available via the current generation of Sky+HD set-top boxes, though customers will also require a new '3D Ready' TV, which will go on sale next year, with companies such as LG already bullish about 3D sales.

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