Shure SE102
Did we tell you to ditch those freebie MP3 player earphones? Here's another contender for your first upgrade, Shure's new entry-level SE102 earphones

Shure is normally pretty dependable when it comes to making high quality earphones. The new SE102 'phones will hope to follow in the footsteps of the likes of previous award winners, the SE110s.

Aimed at those looking to upgrade for the first time from those pesky, invariably tinny, freebie buds, the SE102s will sell for £53 in HMV and elsewhere on the high street and online.

The latest addition to the range boasts 'dynamic microspeakers', a range of various fit sleeves for every ear and a selection of Shure's own noise isolating sleeves that aim to block out up to 90% of ambient noise.

You'll also get an 'interchangeable cable' for using with different devices and a natty drawstring carry bag – beats stuffing them straight in your rubbish-filled pocket.

The Shure SE102 earphones are released today.