Sharp jumps on the wireless Dolby Atmos bandwagon at CES 2024

Sharp HT-SB700
(Image credit: Sharp)

Joining an array of new arrivals at CES 2024, Sharp has launched three new affordable home cinema products including a new Dolby Atmos soundbar, wireless surrounds and a wireless subwoofer.

The HT-SB700 soundbar is Sharp’s most compact and affordable Atmos bar. Intended for small to medium-sized rooms and TV sets, it measures in at just 52cm wide. It is designed in a 2.0.2 configuration and should pair well with Sharp’s other offerings. The bar is priced between rivals the Sonos Ray, which currently costs around £280, and the Sony HT-SF150 soundbar, which comes in at £99.

Sharp HT-AWS2001

(Image credit: Sharp)

Joining the new bar are some wireless rear surround speakers. The HT-AWS2001 is Sharp’s first product fitted with its new AQUOS Wireless Surround Technology which transmits multi-channel sound, including Dolby Atmos, wirelessly from compatible Sharp TVs. In this instance, it would mean the TV would be converted from a 2.0 system to a 4.0 full surround set-up.

Sharp HT-AWS0101

(Image credit: Sharp)

Alongside the wireless surrounds comes the HT-AWS0101 wireless flat subwoofer which aims to extend the low end and add extra bass for a more faithful cinema experience. It can be stood upright or laid flat to fit underneath furniture – a potentially valuable feature for those running low on space.

Sharp’s HT-SB700 soundbar is set to be available from March 2024 for £189 / €199, while the HT-AWS2001 rear surround speakers and the HT-AWS0101 wireless subwoofer are expected to be available from March 2024 for £209 / €239 and £139 / €159 respectively.

We are on the ground covering CES 2024 live from Las Vegas, so we will be sure to report back with any additional information or hands-on impressions we get with these products.


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