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Amazon Echo (4th generation)
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Are you looking for a smart speaker? Well, you can't go wrong with an Amazon Echo, and the good news is that you can snag one for 35% off at Amazon.

In our review of the 4th Generation Amazon Echo, we gave it four-stars and enjoyed its expansive bass, slew of features, and overall classy build and finish. Put simply, if you need a smart speaker, give this Amazon deal a look.

Amazon Echo smart speaker sale

Echo (4th Generation) was

Echo (4th Generation) was $100, now $65 (save $35)
This smart speaker packs in impressive bass for its size, a long list of smart features, and an admirably sleek build and finish. At a meaty $35 off, this smart speaker is also an exceptional value.

Amazon has been making Echo smart devices for quite a long time; however, the Echo smart speaker is the classic Echo device. For a fourth-generation product, there should be a good deal of polish, and with this Echo speaker, there definitely is. From sound quality to features to build, there's a lot to love.

With the 4th Generation Echo, you're getting full Alexa integration support drivers in the form of a 7.6cm woofer combined with two 2cm tweeters. Amazon's AZ1 Neural Edge processor is also in there for machine learning purposes, i.e. to make your Alexa more reactive and understand you better.

In terms of sound quality, bass is surprisingly expansive and weighty for a speaker of this size, while there's also a solid amount of unity and cohesion on display here. Of course, with a small speaker focused on being a good value, audio quality can't compete with hi-fi kit, but the Echo does a solid job overall.

In summary, this is a robust, well-designed smart speaker. If you're looking for a helpful little device to listen to music on occasionally and ask to tell you the weather and whatnot, the 4th generation Echo is a great fit, especially at $35 off.


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