After it made its budget-busting, space-filling 105in curved Ultra HD TV available to pre-order in the US, Samsung has followed that up with the launch of a 78in 4K set in Korea that's thought to be the first with a bendable screen to hit the market.

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Flexible screens were among some of the headline-grabbing TVs from this year's CES in Las Vegas; an 85in version of the UN78S9B was shown off to visitors. If you're not sure if a curved or flat screen is right for you, a bendable one might help.

The 78in set was due to go on sale in Korea on August 1st, no doubt with a fairly eye-watering price tag. One report has suggested at least $30,000 (£18,000), though there's no sign of it on sale online as yet. There's no word on a UK release date either.

How does it work? Well, the screen features a small motor at the back and its job is to push the edges of the screen from flat to curved and vice versa – the curvature offering a more immersive experience, with flat a more traditional option perhaps.

And when it comes to these more ostentatious sets, it seems that if Samsung is doing it then so is LG. If its demonstration of a bendable TV at CES is anything to go by, then we probably can expect a rival set to Samsung's in due course. 

But will the bendable screen become a genuine mainstream TV option? Only time will tell...

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I'm in the same dilemma for

I'm in the same dilemma for my next tv, curved or flat but i don't think my finances would stretch that far.