SAMSUNG, KOREA: a serious investment in R&D

You may remember I told you yesterday about the huge research and development complex at Samsung's Suwon HQ here in Seoul. Well, the picture above shows the massive research and development tower I was talking about, and where we've been spending quite a lot of our time over the past couple of days.

And it's not the only R&D facility here: in the foreground of the night shot below is another tower, not quite so large, where the company does all its telecommunications research and development - no small matter, given its prominence in the worldwide mobile phone market.

Security is tight in these buildings: it's all pass cards, X-ray machines for your bags, and devices designed to stop even those who have access taking anything they shouldn't in or out. We had to wear tags enabling security to track where we were, and there are even rumours about special systems designed to stop camera-phones working while in the buildings.

All of which is why, although we've just had a tour of the company's amazing EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing facilities, designed both to ensure nothing harmful is being emitted from the products and also that they can resist external signals, I'm waiting for some pictures to arrive by email before I can show you.

Watch this space...

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