Much like the iPhone 7, the Galaxy S8 smartphone looks set to lose the 3.5mm port.

Following in the footsteps of Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which dropped the jack in favour of the Lightning connection, it appears that Samsung's next Galaxy phone may also arrive minus the 3.5mm headphone jack.

According to Sammobile the Galaxy S8 will only have a USB-C port. This would not only mean your standard headphones wouldn't fit without an adapter, but also that you wouldn't be able to charge your phone and listen to music through wired headphones simultaneously.

The theory, somewhat predictably, is that this would make the Galaxy S8 thinner while still allowing for a bigger battery.

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It's also now rumoured that the Samsung S8 won't have a 4K screen as previously thought, instead favouring a '2K' resolution display, in line with the current Galaxy S7 phone.

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Samsung is likely to officially unveil the Galaxy S8 in February 2017 at the Mobile World Conference (MWC).

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magicrabbit's picture

Ok, then bye bye Samsung

If so, Samsung definitely loses me as a customer.

I did not invest in a AKG k3003 earphones to be unable to plug it.

I am fed up with this Apple-style strategy.


Highway's picture


Just use an adapter. I think most companies will drop the 3.5mm over time. My feeling is you are not going to be happy with future phone design.

TerFar's picture

OK by me

Owning a decent set of BT ear buds for use whilst out and about and excellent BT headset at home, I cannot remember the last time I used the 3.5mm jack, so it's OK by me.

As for 2K vs. 4K resolution, is there a significant difference on such a small display when using SuperAMOLED+ screens? I can understand for 55"+ TV screens and monitors, but a 5.5" display?

drummerman's picture

The 4k resolution is most

The 4k resolution is most likely beneficial for Gear VR.

I guess there will be an adapter to still enable the use of HP's with conventional jacks.

Do they keep the edge display?

Highway's picture

I suspect it is very unlikely

I suspect it is very unlikely they will drop the 'edge'.

Although as an S7 Edge owner I have never used it, for me it's a pointless feature. Would hope there is a normal version too.