Samsung Display set to end LCD panel production

Samsung set to end LCD panel production
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Samsung is ditching its LCD panel production business in South Korea and China. According to Reuters, the TV giant is set to do so by the end of 2020, and will switch the focus of its investment to quantum dot (QD) technology and, according to ZDnet, OLED panels.

The news follows on the back of reports coming out of South Korea back in January that both Samsung and LG were looking to sell off major LCD production factories worth $33bn. And, in August 2019, Samsung closed a number of its LCD production lines in Korea to make way for "large-sized" OLED TV panel production.

How this does or doesn't affect Samsung's LCD TV ranges going forward remains to be seen, although it is already using external manufacturers including CSoT (owned by TCL) to provide the LCD panels for some of its LCD TVs.

Samsung's QLED TVs also use LCD panel technology and its 2020 QLED TV range is hitting shops now. We've already had a taste of it in the shape of the excellent, five-star QE65Q95T.

So, what does the future hold for its QLEDs? Last year, Samsung Display's CEO also confirmed the company was looking to develop its own hybrid QLED-OLED TVs, so one could assume either Samsung will continue to use external suppliers for the LCD tech required for its QLED TVs, or make a complete switch from LCD to OLED. Could we see the first Samsung QD-OLED 4K and 8K TVs appear in 2021? Fingers crossed!


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  • What Hi-Fi? said:
    Samsung Display will halt its production of LCD panels by the end of 2020, to concentrate efforts on quantum dot and OLED.

    Samsung Display set to end LCD panel production : Read more
    Are the rumours that MicroLED is just pie in the sky correct then?
  • Pugszly
    So, does that mean MicroLED is no more? Because that sucks if it's no more. I'll take MicroLED over OLED anyday.
  • abacus
    LCD & Micro LED are completely different technologies.

  • So QLED panels will now be sourced from third party suppliers for Samsung, any ideas who those third party suppliers will be?
  • gel said:
    So QLED panels will now be sourced from third party suppliers for Samsung, any ideas who those third party suppliers will be?

  • It still doesn’t make any sense to me, Samsung QLED TVs have got better year on year and are now on par with OLED if not better and they decide to exit the market. Why?
  • Quantum dot and OLED is a backwards step and they are not even going to be as good as LG OLED TVs which haven’t got better for more than 4 years now!
  • The best 8K TV you can buy:
    And they are going to stop making them with Samsung panels!