Russ Andrews launches Kimber Select flagship speaker cables, from £3772

Kimber KS-6000

Given that that's the price of a pretty decent car, these cables must be something special.

There are three cables in the KS-6000 range: KS-6063, KS-6065 and KS-6068. They build on the existing KS-3000 series, and combine Kimber's VariStrand conductors in a woven, multi-layer matrix geometry, with solid core conductors.

The KS-6063 features VariStrand copper and solid core copper with a X38R central core and pigment-free dielectric.

The midrange KS-6065 adds silver cable to both the VariStrand and solid cores in a 2:1 copper to silver ratio, while the range-topping KS-6068 uses silver cable throughout. All are fitted with nextgen connectors, the '6068 having silver ones. Prices in full are as follows:

Kimber Select KS-6063

2.5m £3772
3.5m £4544

Kimber Select KS-6065

2.5m £6857
3.5m £8787

Kimber Select KS-6068

2.5m £16,115
3.5m £21,388

All prices quoted as fitted with WBT 0610 banana plugs, with 60-day money-back guarantee.

Russ Andrews, managing director, says: "These really are top-flight cables. You can immediately hear all the rhythm and timing that characterises Kimber cables, but there's just so much more of it."

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