Rotel launches Special Edition models of affordable 06 Series hi-fi

Rotel RCD-06 SE

Claiming to be following in the footsteps of the flagship 15 Series of hi-fi components, there will be three new amplifiers and a CD player available immediately.

The RCD-06 SE replaces the RCD-06 and while nigh-on identical externally, there are plenty of internal tweaks and changes including a new Wolfson DAC. It will cost £479.

You'll need £599 to pick-up the new RA-06 SE amplifier, which has had plenty of components upgraded including changes to the power supply, capacitors and phono stage.

Rotel reckons you'll also hear the influence of the 15 Series in the updated and improved RA-05 SE, £479, and the RA-04 SE, £299.

Take a look at the Rotel website for full specifications on the new products.

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