Roksan announces Oxygene 30 turntable

Roksan has a string of five-star reviews to its name but it's been a while since we've seen a new turntable. The Oxygene 30 fills that void, and joins the existing Oxygene amplifier and CD player.

The new deck features a multi-layered, four-piece plinth design and comes complete with a new high-mass mounting block to house the motor. The mount has been used to help eliminate unwanted resonances from the motor affecting the turntable's performance. Roksan says it also helps to improve the motor alignment which in turn aids speed stability.

High-quality isolating materials can be found between the plinth layers in an effort to isolate the most important parts of the turntable design and ultimately improve sound quality.

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The Oxygene 30 comes with a two-piece platter, made from a solid aluminium alloy. Roksan claims this creates a fully damped, resonant-free surface and a removable spindle cap is said to further reduce noise transmission.

The turntable arrives as a ready-to-go package complete with Roksan’s XPS-7 power supply/speed controller and Pro-Ject’s 9CC Evolution carbon fibre tonearm - also found on the RPM 9 and RPM 10 Carbon editions - so all you’re left to do is add your own cartridge.

Roksan's Oxygene range aims to deliver stylish, easy to use products: "We have removed all unnecessary elements from our products, providing a cool functional design that is remarkably easy and intuitive to use.

The Roksan Oxygene 30 is available now in gloss white for £2500.

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