Remote-controlled, LED-filled vinyl records now exist

US record label Romanus Records has lived up to its commitment to release unique forms of vinyl, with the likes of tri-colour, glow-in-the-dark, and sand-, glitter- and beeswax-filled vinyl pressings.

Yesterday, it released a limited edition run of Brother O' Brother's 2017 Neon Native album complete with LED lights and remote control. We can’t help but think Pink Floyd missed a trick here…

How, you ask? As the label’s boss Chris Banta told Team Rock, “[I] couldn’t figure out how to get power to the LEDs without implanting a battery — which would eventually die — or a giant standard AC power pack. Plus, I could only figure out how to get power to one side.

"I had nearly given up, and while being on the road with Brother O’ Brother I finally came to the conclusion that I had to cut a hole in the record. I mount a 45 adapter to an Ion Power Pack vertically, which keeps the cables from resting or being in the way of the tone arm.”

The album comes with a remote control, USB rechargeable battery pack and USB connector.

The limited run of only 45 was snapped up quickly when it went on sale yesterday. But do not fear, the product description of the Brothers O’ Brother’s album reads: ‘If this goes well we will have some King Gizzard LED records shortly.’

In the meantime, it’s probably one to add to our history of the weirdest vinyl records every made


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