Quad II CI
Quad II Classic Integrated hits the shops, at £4500

The famous Quad II mono power amplifier was launched in 1953, the work of Quad founder Peter Walker – now, a mere 57 years later, you can buy a stereo integrated amplifier based on this classic valve design.

The £4500 Quad II Classic Integrated is developed from the company's recent recreation of the original power amplifier, but now combines preamp, phono amp and stereo power amplifier in one chassis.

The design is by celebrated valve amp guru Tim de Paravicini, and sticks to the original's simplicity, with the aim of delivering the same detail and tone as the Quad II of the 1950s.

Like the old monoblocs it uses a push-pull output configuration with KT66 valves, yet it delivers twice the power of the original, being 'conservatively rated' at 25Wpc. And the amp has been kept compact: its footprint is just 38x21cm.

As de Paravicini says, "“The amp section had to be more powerful, and it had to be compact enough and user-friendly enough to attract new customers.

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“The output valves are run more conservatively, yet it produces a genuine 25W per channel. It goes loud without going to pieces."

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