QED's making plans for XTC speaker cable


The company says the new arrival, which is based on the 'X-Tube' geometry of the Silver Anniversary XT but uses pure copper conductors, will offer outstanding performance, despite being pitched at a very affordable £4 per metre.

That makes it the lowest-priced cable to use the 'X-Tube' design: three 99.999% Oxygen-Free Copper braids are wound round a hollow central core, then wrapped in clear Mylar. The whole cable is covered in a flexible outer jacket with a pearlescent finish.

In the new cable, a spacer is used between the positive and negative conductors, QED saying that 'this fine adjustment of capacitance and inductance delivers improvements to both imaging and soundstaging, together with a full and natural bass response.'

QED is a brand of Armour Home Electronics.

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