Phonak to launch Perfect Bass earphones

Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass

The company is set to add to its range of hi-fi earphones with the release of the Perfect Bass earphones, which wil joing Phonak's Audeo Perfect Fit range.

Due on sale in June, the Audeo Perfect Bass earphones are fitted with filters designed to boost low frequencies and provide cleaner bass notes.

Each set of earphones comes with three sets of silicone ear pieces ergonomically designed to fit your ears, which certainly seems sensible.

Provided the smart fit works for you, Phonak reckons you should see unwanted external noise reduced by around 16 decibels compared to usual earphones, allowing you to listen at a lower, safer volume as a result.

Audéo Perfect Bass Earphones are available in black or white priced at £79.99, with an iPhone set, complete with an in-line microphone, set to follow.