Onkyo launches range of high-end hi-fi separates

Onkyo M-5000R power amp

With that in mind, the company has announced a range of high-end stereo components consisting of a pre-amplifier, power amplifier and a CD player.

The P-3000R pre-amplifier, £1700, accepts both analogue and digital sources and has a USB connection amongst its input selection.

A high-quality 32-bit Burr-Brown DAC is provided to do the hard graft for each stereo channel, while PLL (phase locked loop) technology aims to minimise clock jitter.

Retro-enthusiasts meanwhile will be thrilled at the sight of two large, old-school volume indicators (VU meters) on the front panel of the M-5000R power amp (pictured).

The M-5000R, £2500, uses a perfectly symmetrical alignment of power devices for the left and right channels, which Onkyo claims will also help to minimise errors, and boasts Onkyo's AWRAT design.

Last in the new line is the C-7000R CD player, £1500, complete with separate analogue and digital circuitry, a silent transport and digital outputs.

All three components also incorporate Onkyo's newly developed Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry (DIDRC), designed to counteract unwanted high-frequency interference.

The new range is due out in December, with all components available in silver or black.

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