NEWS: Sunfire subs give big bass from tiny boxes

Want extra bass in your system, but without having to house a massive subwoofer?

These tiny tots from Sunfire, designed by US amplifier specialist Bob Carver, pack a mighty punch from a small box.

There are three new models in the range: the HRS8 (£650); HRS10 (£799); and the HRS12 (£899).

All three are single-driver designs, with a 1000w Class A/B amplifier. They range in size from a 9.75in cube for the HRS8, 11.5in for the HRS10 and 13.5in for the HRS12.

"The output of these tiny subwoofers is significantly more than any comparably-sized products, so consumers can enjoy deep, realistic bass without the large boxes associated with performance subwoofers," the company claims.

Sunfire subwoofers are distributed in the UK by Gecko on 0845 262 2882.

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Andy Clough

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