NEWS: Philips micro hi-fi has hidden movie talent

The release speaks mysteriously of tubes and appealing warmth, but what we actually have here is a tidy-looking new Philips micro system that's as happy to spin DVDs as it is CDs.

The Philips MCD908 offer playback for DVD-Video, DVD+RW, MP3-CD, WMA-CD, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW and Picture CD discs, includes coax and optical digital outputs, an active subwoofer point, and HDMI, SCART, CVBS and S-Video connections.

There's also an FM/MW radio on board, along with amplification claiming to offer 2 x 75W output. The speakers are real-wood-finish, three-way designs featuring Neodymium ribbon tweeters, silk-dome midrange tweeters and 5in woofers.

Philips also claims the MCD908 "represents a benchmark in quality in luxury". This extends to the system's heavyweight aluminium build and intriguing leather-backed remote control.

The system is available now, priced £399, and we hope to test it shortly.

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