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NEWS: Goldring launches lower-priced GX 'phones

It's all gone a bit earphonetastic around here at the moment.

Resplendent in iPodalike white, these are the new GX100s from Goldring, and we don't think they're the last headphones we'll be telling you about today.

Designed as an even more affordable stablemate for the excellent GX200s, the new arrivals, which will sell for £29.95, are built with soft touch mouldings and a "triple method cable management system".

This, apparently, is designed to let them be worn three ways: "symmetric, asymmetric or necklace".

The earpieces are designed to make insertion easy, and come with a choice of three sizes of soft silicone earbuds.

The GX100s, which come with a drawstring storage bag, are also available in black.

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