NEWS: Control your whole house with just one universal remote

Let's face it, juggling several different remote controls to manage your TV, DVD player, surround system and Sky box is a right old pain. Which is where universal remotes come in.

The latest Philips Pronto touch-screen remote can be programmed with a series of macros to turn everything on at the touch of a single button.

So what, you say: all universal remotes do that. True. But the Pronto TSU 9600 is so much smarter than that. It can communicate with other devices via wi-fi protocols, as well as infra-red, has a 3.7in VGA colour touchscreen, and can be programmed to control the lighting, heating, curtains and heaven knows what else around your home as well.

It's fully programmable and customisable using a PC connected to the internet, and costs £899. Oh, and it looks pretty cool too. We want one.

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Andy Clough

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