NEWS: Arcam's 400GB music server holds up to 80,000 songs

Want a high-end CD player that can hold up to 80,000 songs? Then Arcam believes it has the answer in the shape of its new FMJ MS250 music server.

The £3000 device can be fully integrated into large-scale installations, supports streaming to and from PCs and Macs, and a front-mounted USB port means MP3 files can be loaded on to its hard drive from MP3 players and other USB devices.

Arcam claims the MS250 delivers audiophile CD playback equivalent to the performance of a £1000 CD player, and says the 400GB hard drive can store 640 uncompressed CDs or up to 4800 CDs in compressed format.

The unit can also support up to four audio zones in a multiroom system, can access internet radio via an Ethernet network connection, and provides auto track titling via the web.

It can record from external sources such as an FM/DAB radio, record player or tape deck if required.

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Andy Clough

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