Neat Petite SX
Neat Acoustics launches its Petite SX hi-fi speakers in December at £1250 a pair

Meet the new Petite SX hi-fi speaker from Neat Acoustics, available in December for £1250 a pair.

It's the fourth-generation model in the Petite range, and like its larger brother, the Elite SX, it incorporates a staggered port-tuning design.

A 3.2cm diameter port on the back of the cabinet has a narrow operating band centred on 40Hz. An additional 5cm diameter port, also on the rear of the cabinet, is tuned higher over a wider operating band.

Neat claims this system delivers "a more full-bodied bass performance". However in small rooms, where the bass might be overpowering, the larger ports may be closed using the supplied open-cell foam bungs.

Based on Ultimatum rangeThe speaker's main drive unit is the latest version of that used in Neat's reference Ultimatum range. It has a 16.5cm doped paper cone, a ferrite magnet assembly and a vented voice coil for high power handling without compression.

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The new 25mm tweeter is a soft-fabric dome type with internal damping and non-resonant chamber.

And the crossover is a simple three-element type with low-loss air-core conductors and a high grade polypropylene capacitor.

There's a choice of six finishes for the MDF-veneered cabinet: Maple, Natural Oak, Black Ash, Cherry, Rosenut and Walnut. The optional speaker stands (see picture) cost £203/pair.

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