NAD launches multichannel amps for custom installation

NAD CI9120

The 6x80W CI9060 will sell for £925, with the 12x80W CI9120 at £1325, and the amps share a range of features designed to make them both easy to use and totally flexible.

They have an autologic power-on system, allowing a variety of control options, and NAD's Output Management Circuit to ensure reliability, even when driving demanding loads.

The power output is designed to drive the long cable runs and volume controls found in custom installations, and the OMC system will reduce the power on any circuit on which a fault is detected, avoiding overheating or damage.

There's also quiet low-pressure cooling, designed to keep the amps on an even keel when they are rack-mounted or used in confined spaces.

The Flex-Pad patchbay system allows the amps to be used in a wide variety of mono and stereo configurations, with the patch-cables supplied both making reconfiguring the system simple and giving a clear indication of how it's been set-up, making future servicing simple.

The amps also have individual input level controls for each channel, and are available now.