The May issue of What Hi-Fi Sound And Vision is on sale now. It's packed with reviews and product news – flatscreen TVs, stereo amps, Blu-ray players, MP3 players and more!

What an issue we have for you this month. The May issue of What Hi-Fi Sound And Vision is on sale today, and it's packed with product reviews, and news on all the hi-fi and home cinema kit that's hitting the market soon.

Want to know which flatscreen to buy for the lounge? Turn to page 26, where you'll find our 40-42in Supertest, in which eight leading TV brands go head to head. And we couldn't resist the temptation to test some beautifully traditional – and very affordable – hi-fi products this issue. Four stereo amplifiers slug it out in a hard-fought audio test.

In the May issue we also set out on a quest to find the best Blu-ray player money can buy, with a rigorous testing of four high-def disc-spinners costing £1000 – £2000.

Then there's a spectacular MP3 test, where you'll see the iPod nano go up against all-comers. High-quality, premium in-ear headphones provide you with the best sound for the gym, while a test of four subwoofers will demonstrate which box will deliver the beefiest bass.

And as if all that wasn't enough,  we have tests of hi-fi racks and even a thorough test of mains cables – that should keep a few people talking on the forums...

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Add to that another chance to win an £85 Chord Company HDMI cable, and you've plenty of reasons to get stuck into the May issue of What Hi-Fi Sound And Vision. Available in all major supermarkets and newsagents now.