samsung shock
Company reinforces its dominant position in display market with sales so far this year of more than 30m panels

Samsung hit another milestone in October, clocking up sales of over 4m LCD TV display panels in just one month – a new record for a single manufacturer.

The Seoul-based company shipped 4.09m LCD panels last month, setting another milestone in its expansion. It first sold more than a million panels in a month in June 2006, doubling that in August last year and hitting 3.30m display sales in May this year.

Sales slumped around the turn of the year: the company 'only' sold 1.65m displays in January this year, and you may remember our reports of visiting the company's Cheonan plasma factory, at a virtual standstill back in December last year.

However, sales recovered to 2.79m units a month by March this year, and since then have just kept on growing.

So far this year the company has sold a fairly staggering 30m LCD TV displays, and at this rate should be knocking on the door of 40m sales by the end of 2009.

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The company attributes its success to its timely investment in seventh- and eighth-generation LCD panel production lines, which we saw under construction during our visit last year, and an extra eighth-generation line it was able to run at its S-LCD joint venture with Sony, part of its massive Tianjeong complex.

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