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Hi-fi buffs unite - let's show the world why hi-fi shouldn't be so lo-pri: from Ideal Home magazine to Escape th the Country, hi-fi is just not a part of the family home and a televisio is just something anonymous stuck in one corner of a room like an apology.  Why are avante-garde living spaces not dominated by acopoustic horns, homely living rooms not graced by attractive stand-mount or slim tower speakers with the seating arranged for comfortable listening with a flat screen telly centrally mounted on the end wall?  CES and NAMM debates have consistently failed to break into the American dream home pressbut should we here in the UK be discouraged?  It's about time your average do-it-yourselfer knew his or herway around hoe cinema, soun dbars, speakers in every room and the classic twin-speaker/amp.CD player/ vinyl player that should be switched on to listen even to humble stereo HDTV.  It's time to make a bold move into the mass market of home decor and to shift publications like What Hi-fi firmly centre-stage in creating the ideal home.

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Lee valley White Water Centre??

So who is the kayaker in the Dagger Mamba?  That looks like Lee Valley to me Smile