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JBL revives its retro L100 loudspeakers

The new incarnation is called the JBL L100 Classic and the retro-looking speakers share a lot of similarities with the original model, from their 12in three-way design to the Quadrex foam grilles available in black, blue or orange.​

But beneath that satin wood walnut veneer, there have been significant upgrades to the internal components, the enclosure tuning and the crossover design. The speakers also use a new 25mm titanium dome tweeter together with a 12.5cm pure-pulp midrange driver and 20cm pure-pulp bass driver, all contained in a sealed cabinet.

The speakers can be positioned either vertically or horizontally and JBL will also offer a pair of optional floorstands that angle the speakers to fire upwards, which you can see in our picture. They're also single-wired and feature a front-firing bass reflex port.

The original JBL L100s were launched at CES Chicago back in 1970 and were a huge hit for the company. "They were not only JBL's all-time, best-selling loudspeakers but, from all indications, they were the best-selling system of that decade," said Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Luxury Audio, Harman.

You'll have to wait until Spring 2018 to get your hands on a pair, though, and they're set to cost $4000.

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