Fancy spending £1995 on a 2m speaker cable? Or £1495 on a mains power cable? With the Furutech Flux Series, now you can

The excrutiatingly named Sound Fowndations, the UK distributor for IsoTek and Blue Horizon, is to bring Furutech, the Japanese manufacturer of high-end cables and accessories, to the UK.

The Flux Series cable range was launched with the Powerflex mains cable last year, yours for £1495, and will now be joined by the Speakerflux speaker cable, Lineflux interconnect and Jumperflux speaker jumper cable.

Furutech claims the combination of materials used in its cables is unique, combining nano-sized ceramic particles, powdered carbon, nylon and fibreglass, as well as layered carbon fibre on the connector housings.

But they ain't cheap. The Speakerflux speaker cable is £1995 for a 2m terminated pair, with each additional metre costing you £300, the Lineflux interconnect is £1450 for a 1.2m RCA cable, £1650 for a 1.2m XLR, and the Jumperflux speaker jumper cable is £300 for a pair.

For more details on the Furutech Flux Series of cables head over to the Furutech website.

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