Jadis' high-end gold-plated valve amplifiers promise a smooth sound fit for royalty

Jadis PA70 power amp and JP7 preamp side by side
(Image credit: Jadis)

French high-end manufacturer Jadis has started 2024 on the front foot with a double hi-fi drop. Designed to work either as a pair or individually, the Jadis PA70 power amplifier and Jadis JP7 preamplifier are set to offer "seamless, fluid and free-breathing" sound all housed in some rather eye-catching steel and gold exteriors. 

We'll start things off with that rather remarkable-looking PA70 power amplifier. The valve design brings together high power and low distortion, claims Jadis, offering up a detailed, fluid sound with plenty of dynamic range. The PA70 uses eight valves, four of which are the KT170 valves previously used in Jadis' I70 valve integrated amp. In total, there's 50W of Class power per channel.

The lustrous new power amp comes fitted with a large, newly designed transformer for "prodigious dynamic and pulse power". Speaking of which, the supplies for the driver and power stages are independent of one another, which should mean less compromised power for each circuit. 

Aside from any internal wizardry, the Jadis PA70 really looks the part. The unit's spectacular exterior brings together polished stainless steel and a 24-carat gold-plated front panel with glass valves for a luxurious finish. We can certainly think of worse-looking amplifiers!

Jadis JP7 pre-amp on a white background

Jadis' JP7 pre-amp is still a sight to behold. (Image credit: Jadis)

Arriving alongside the pristine PA70 power amp is the JP7, a valve preamplifier that shares its sibling's dashing, high-end looks, albeit in a more subtle manner. The JP7 preamplifier is the brand's most compact preamp, and houses three ECC83 valves and five line-level RCA inputs.

The new preamp comes equipped with a remote control included as standard, but you can also use the unit's gold-plated control knobs, including balance, source and a toggle power switch, if you'd prefer a more hands-on approach.

The JP7 also sports that same non-magnetic stainless-steel enclosure alongside 24-carat gold plating on the front panel. It's not all about show, though, as vibration-damping techniques housed within the unit itself aim to reduce unwanted oscillations that could affect the fidelity of your sound. 

The Jadis PA70 stereo valve power amplifier is available now for a retail price of £10,500 / €11,000. The JP7 valve preamplifier is also available now and will set you back £4798 / €4800.  


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