Is LG making a tiny OLED TV?

Is LG making a tiny OLED TV?
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LG might be making a 20-inch OLED TV. The tiny TV would be much smaller than its current smallest model (the 42-inch OLED42C2), and according to The Elec (via Ars Technica), might launch at the end of the year.

There's a lot of hedging of bets in that opening paragraph and for good reason. LG Display has confirmed it will make a 20-inch OLED screen for use in "personal devices", but hasn't indicated what these devices will be. The company – which is distinct from LG the TV maker – has made OLED screens of this size and smaller before, but always for other devices such as smartphones, smart watches and advertising displays. The hope is that this time they could be used in consumer TVs and computer monitors.

However, it's not clear who will actually take advantage of these new panels. After all, it's worth noting that LG Display currently supplies OLED panels to firms like Samsung and Apple. And while the panel itself might be ready by the end of the year, finished devices could be some months behind.

According to LG Display's vice president Kang Won-seok, demand for smaller screens has surged during the pandemic. He also told a forum hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association that LG Display is working on OLED panels for mixed reality devices, a 77-inch transparent OLED screen and bendable OLEDs that let the viewer decide how much the display curves.


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