Densen B-440
After the B-410 and B-420, Densen releases its flagship CD player, the B-440, the machine upon which its siblings were actually based

In an ideal world, the chaps at Densen say, the B-440 would have been the first of the latest range of CD players to have hit the shops. For the B-440 is the top-of-the-range model and the original template for the other players.

Clearly this isn't a player which has seen any corners cut in the build or design process. And, as befits such a product, Densen has gone in to plenty of detail in the initial release of press details – so put your techy hat on.

First up, there's the CD transport, which has been modified to be used with Densen's own clock controller, and is used at both ends of the data stream in an attempt to minimise jitter.

The 24-bit DAC has naturally been constructed especially for this model, and features a PCB layer completely devoted to grounding signal planes in effect toavoid noise.

The DAC itself is completely shielded and has its own power supply, while the audio stage is based on Densen's own discrete class A design.

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Densen claims to have evaluated audio design going as far back as the '40s in order to take a fresh approach for the B-440, with low distortion, low noise and a fast audio stage the end results.

All digital stages, analogue stages and microprocessors have individual power supplies, while elsewhere there are gold-plated RCA connections, custom-made capacitors and Densen's own control software.

There are standard analogue outputs, plus BNC and Densen's own 'Digital Denlink' connection, which allows you to upgrade to a separate DAC and Transport.

Available in either an 'albino' – we presume that's just a curious way of saying 'white' – or black finish, the Densen B-440 will sell for £2500, and comes with Densen's lifetime warranty.