Denon claims a world first with Audyssey DSX surround expansion technology

Denon AVR-4310

The company claims the AVR-4310 is the first AV receiver in the world to be equipped with Audyssey DSX surround expansion technology.

Audyssey DSX adds additional surround channels placed wider than the main front speakers, and two extra height speakers, to create a more enveloping and immersive soundstage.

This is in addition to Dolby Pro-Logic IIz, which also adds additional height speakers at the front of the room.

Impressive technical spec
The rest of the technical spec is equally comprehensive. There's support for fourth-generation Denon Link technology for reduced jitter transmission via HDMI; six HDMI inputs (one on the front) and two outputs; network connectivity; high-resolution video scaling; and Dynamic Volume control and Dynamic EQ.

A high-resolution 12-bit/10-bit scaler from Anchor Bay Technologies upscales standard resolution images to 1080p, and the AVR-4310 supports vertical stretch to display film content in its original CinemaScope aspect ratio.

Naturally, it will handle all the latest high-definition audio formats on Blu-ray.

Other familiar Denon audio and video technologies include the DDSC-HD Circuit, AL24 Plus Processing and Compressed Audio Restorer, plus Digital Noise Reduction.

Network audio and photo streaming comes as standard, as do front and back USB ports with an iPod Direct Connect function, and multiroom support.

The Denon AVR-4310 will be available in silver and black from June for £1899.