Denon AH-C710
Denon's new AH-C710 in-ear headphones are available now for £140

Denon is making some bold claims for its new AH-C710 in-ear headphones. They're designed to fit in your ears more securely for greater comfort, and to reduce mechanical vibration.

A newly developed radial cascade damper is said to "dramatically reduce cable transmitted vibration noise that occurs when touching or rubbing the cable while moving".

There's a new hybrid housing using a combination of elastomer (soft plastic) and aluminium, and a specially designed acoustic optimiser "that ensures dynamic sound and deep, rich bass response".

As if that's not enough, you also get small, medium and large soft-foam ear-pieces that mould to the shape of your ear canal, an 0.8m extension cable and a carry case with built-in cable management. Oh, and adjusting sliders for a more comfortable fit.

The Denon AH-C710 headphones are available now in silver or black for £140.