Crystal Acoustics energy saver
Crystal energy savers can detect when products are in standby, and cut the power, then fire up again when you use any remote control

New from Crystal Acoustics is a range of energy-saving power devices, including two models designed to turn products off completely when they detect that connected components are in standby.

Using a Load Learning function, which enables them to assess the standby power consumption of components plugged into them, and cut the power when products fall into standby mode. They they 'wake up' again when any remote control is used, so the products are instantly ready for use.

The CES-1R-UK sells for £19.90, and is a single socket design for use with one component, while the £24.90 CES-1R-LL-UK also has one socket, but allows the connection of several devices, for example using a three-way adapter.

The more expensive unit will only shut down when all the connected devices are in standby.

Also available is the more basic CES-5F, which is a power strip having one 'always on' socket and four controlled by a footswitch.

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Crystal suggests this £14.90 unit is ideal for use at desks - when you leave the desk you simply step on the switch to power down peripherals such as printers and chargers, while keeping your computer powered up.

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