Chord launches high-end AES/EBU digital cable

Chord Company Signature AES/EBU Digital

The new cable is the Chord Signature AES/EBU Digital, designed to be used with the XLR digital connectors found on some high-end digital sources and converters.

Chord says that "One of the real challenges with the AES/EBU connection is that audiophiles have often found that, despite the technical advantages that the AES/EBU connection offers, a high quality S/PDIF connection will produce the better quality sound."

As a result. it's "spent many months experimenting, with what has often been a frustratingly difficult connection, and believes that the new Chord Signature AES/EBU is the right answer."

The new cable is said to be an entirely new design, in which each conductor is separately shielded against high-frequency interference. The three solid-core conductors are high-purity oxygen-free copper, the insulation gas-foamed polyethylene and the shields themselves of a multilayer design.

The company says serious attention has been paid to the termination - with XLR connectors from Neutrik - and the configuration of the cable. In particular, the designers have focused on the way the shields are connected.

The cable is £295 for a 1m length, with other lengths available to order.