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Chord Company launches its first ever DIN cable for Epic range

Chorsd Company release Epic range DIN cable
(Image credit: Chord Company)

Chord Company has introduced its first DIN-terminated analogue interconnect for its middle-sitting Epic range.

The new Epic DIN promises a key performance upgrade over the Shawline range DIN it sits above (from £225) but greater affordability over the higher-end Signature Tuned ARAY Analogue DIN it sits beneath (which starts at £800).

Chord Company engineers have developed a new construction which is completely different to other analogue interconnects in the Epic range yet still benefits from the company’s Tuned ARAY conduction geometry.

Epic DIN takes advantage of wide-bandwidth silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors (the kind normally found in the company’s higher-end cable ranges) as well as multi-tiered foil shielding systems for all conductor pairs. This technique promises reduced interaction between the different signals that DIN cables need to carry. Chord Company has utilised composite-layered PE insulation for the conductors and foiled high-frequency shielding for both signal and ground in the name of improved performance.

The special low-noise wide-bandwidth shielding will, says Chord, ensure that maximum benefit is obtained from Naim Audio’s latest DR amps and upgrades. Chord says that the design has been implemented to deliver the musical characteristics inherent in Naim Audio equipment and bring out the best possible performance from wider DIN-connected devices, including those from Quad, A&R, Leak and B&O.

Epic DIN interconnects are hand-built to order in the Wiltshire factory and available with all common connector combinations including: DIN-DIN, DIN to RCA, RCA to DIN and DIN to XLR. Custom lengths are also available to order.

The new Epic DIN is available now, priced from £500 (1m). 


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