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The Chord Company says its latest interconnect is "game-changing" as it features its proprietary ARAY techniques at an affordable price.

The Chord Company's Tuned ARAY technology was originally designed for its flagship Sarum cable range, but the cable tech has now been introduced across a wider range of products. 

Tuned ARAY technology is able to produce greater levels of transparency, detail, coherence and musical involvement, claims The Chord Company, and the C-line analogue RCA cable is now the most affordable interconnect to benefit from elements of this technology. 

The C-line interconnect feature oxygen-free copper conductors with "high-performance shielding", along with durable "over-moulded strain-relief" for the plug terminations.

The Chord Company C-line interconnect is available now at £45 for 1m and £35 for the 0.5m variant. 

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Peter Carter's picture


Looks like this could easily be the new budget cable king. At £45, I'm going to have to give one a whirl.

abacus's picture

What a load of Twaddle, any

What a load of Twaddle, any £5 interconnect will give you as good if not better than that, as for the strain relief they use its just a joke.

Talk about spending money on old rope,buying one of these is in the "One born every minute" catagory.



APAPAS's picture

have you ever tried it?

Try before you provide any comments. I am not sure about very expensive cables but inmy system i can hear a diference. Not particulary better or worst.. but diferent.